Playset in Progress…

As soon as the weather warms up I’ll get back to work on this.  Have to finish this year.  🙂  This is a photo looking across the dangling chain bridge, that will go from one fairy tower to the crooked tower…


The next photo looks across the bridge, into the woods at the unfinished playset.  The left tower roof is complete…the leaf deck is in foreground.


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4 comments on “Playset in Progress…
  1. I absolutely love the playset. Every kid should get to grow up with one of these. 🙂

  2. jervis says:

    Uhm…first of all, I don’t think I could afford to build one of these for every kid. Second, how would I know where they live? Get real Heather, you think I’m Santa Claus or something?

  3. You mean you aren’t??

  4. By the time it warms up I will have my new power tools in Virginia. I got them for just such an event. And basement framing, castle building, furniture, or whatever else came up.

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