Several days ago someone, I’m not even sure who, I’m not even sure if I really knew them, sent me an email telling me to look at some SCA (medieval) pictures on their facebook page. I was not doing anything at the time…no really…so I clicked the link and discovered that I had to register to actually see the pictures. Perhaps it was the medication I was taking for my tendonitis…perhaps it was the stress of getting ready for Pennsic War…perhaps it was fate…I registered.

What happened next will one day be explained to me by one of my many geek friends. It may take all of them. Who knows?

Facebook reached into my computer, or into my email contact list, or into my brain, I’m still not sure, I’m sometimes computer challenged if you will recall. It reached into something and started pulling the addresses of everyone I send emails to, and everyone they send emails to, and everyone who knows someone who has heard of me, and anyone who might possibly be close to someone who has vaguely recalled a conversation where someone whose names sounds like mine was mentioned…and it added them as friends.

Within minutes I was confirming click, yes that’s a friend, click yes that’s a friend, click…oh no…who is that…oh well…they are a friend now…click…click…click.

Now what? I’m supposed to write in my facebook I suppose…and post pictures and…interact. But I barely find time to post here in the safe cocoon of my blog, where I get an occasional comment. How am I going to find time to write in Facebook? What if it pulls me in? You have seen the nearly seven hundred pieces of jewelry I have made since September haven’t you? Ack! I could get sucked in. Even some of the posts have warned me about wasting hours on Facebook. I don’t have hours…I don’t have minutes. I have furniture to build and surcoats to sew and more shields to paint…

Hey! Can’t I get my Blog to talk to my Facebook page? That would cut down some writing time. When I post this I’m going in to Facebook…if you don’t hear from me in a while…please send a rescue team.

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3 comments on “Facebookophobia
  1. Geek says:

    Although I deal with computers almost daily, I have yet to comprehend the world of “Facebook”. I agree, what exactly is the concept supposed to be if more effort is required to publish my life than to actually live it. Sheesh, might as well as combine it with the “Second Life” site and allow folks to completely upload themselves digitally. Now that I have successfully alienated myself from the technological options of life, I’ve got to go fix this other computer sitting next to me…

  2. hehe…I agree, but yes you can still connect to your facebook accounts with your blogs using the feeds readers, especially the Atom feeds if you have any

  3. Daven Echern says:

    I empathize completely! My four (4) sisters bullied me into “facebook world,” with comments about how I was the only one in the family NOT on FB, and that’s why I never know what’s going on! But I will offer counsel in the words of my baby-sister Betsy, “Facebook is not life. Just walk away.”
    The real time sink can be all the farm animals and pirate quests and (virtual) dragons to be slain, but you can ignore those, as I have. (No really, there’s a button that sez, “ignore”) It CAN be a great way to stay in touch with …well, those of your friends who post. And to discover long lost buddies, old girlfriends, classmates, etc….

    Of course, now I’m trying to decide if I WANT to be in touch with all those people, after trying so hard to get away from all that in the first place….

    ‘Haven’t visited your blog in a while. Nice to be back. Good luck with the Facebook thing.

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